Once upon a time...
There was a barren land.  There was no where to sleep and no where to play, not even a place to do homework!  In this land a train would pass by but no one would dare to stop and explore the deserted place.  Until one day, a little boy set off for an adventure.  The sun was shining and birds singing so he knew this was a good place that just needed a little love.  He gathered together some bed sheets for a tent, some wood for a clubhouse and a new future was born.  He soon brought all his friends to show them his new land he discovered.  When they came they couldn't believe their eyes, they saw bunk beds and playrooms, soft cushions to sit on, colorful tables to draw on and toys galore.  They had so much fun, no one wanted to leave.  So they soon brought their older brothers and sisters and moms and dads too, for everyone to live happily ever after. 
The little boy called his place
Kids Corner.